Six Hour Lunch - aka Drink ALL the port!

@darkferret with the line up so farThe Six Hour Lunch is something that we started back around 2008.  We first heard about it at a wine tasting evening at Vino Fino and we liked the idea so much that we have made it something of a tradition.

So, it's on again.  Amy and Dopp are hosting it here in Christchurch and we've got a great line up so far. :)

I'm actually starting this late so we'll get a couple in this post and I'll start posting as we reach them.  Traditionally these posts get less and less coherent through the day so bare with me. :)  Since the walk I've also become something of a light weight.

Krohn Ruby Port

Starting at the low end of things with this one.

Good colour.  There were some mildly chemical flavours like there was a slight kerosene as an additive undertone. A little fruity with a touch of cheery.

I'm only one in and actually starting to feel this already.  I appear to be quite economical now...

Torlesse Port

This is the first or second port from Torlesse.  When Trond picked it up they were labeling them as they were being sold.

This is nice.  Slightly transparent, a little dirty, very fruity.  Like liquid raisins.  That may not be to everyones taste, but it works for me. :)

Porto Krohn Vintage 2003

I missed this one.  My lightweightedness is working to my disadvantage at the moment.

Hamish described it thus; Opaque plum colour. Acetone nose. Intense raisin flavour; apple finish.

"Intense raisin flavour" :/  Damnit.

Grant Burge 10 Year Old Tawny

This is great. :)  Very full flavour that just fills the mouth. Slightly oaky, very slight buttery hints. The raisin flavour isn't as intense as Torlesse Port, but that just makes is a smoother drink.  The colour is really good too.


And I'll call it there for this post.  I've caught up so the rest shall be in the following posts.