Waitiki Holiday Park

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Wouldn't you know it?  Longest distance in one day yet and I don't have cell coverage to tell people about it...

Anyway, the day. It started out wonderfully. No wind and the sun was out with very little cloud cover.

I was on the road around 8 and wasn't in too much of a rush. I was aiming for the backpackers at Henderson Bay which was around the 60km mark and about half way to the Cape. About half way to Awanui I was forcibly introduced to the fickle nature of the weather in this area. I'd stopped to take a photo of the coast behind me and when I turned back there was this wall of water approaching me.  I got the camera in the case and put the phone in with it. I was considering putting the case in a pannier but realised I wouldn't have the time so moved on. It was entertaining watching this wall approach. The road was dry and there was this effervescent whiteness at the foot of this wall that was obscuring the landscape behind it. When it reached me I was soaked within seconds and it was freezing. It really took the breath away. I was left there repeating "cold shower" for about half a minute. The whole thing only lasted about 2-3 minutes. Fortunately there were only 3-4 showers during the day and none so heavy or cold.

I made it to Awanui before before midday and asked about backpacker options. The only reference I had was Henderson Bay and that is only because they are signed up to BBH. Turns out there were a number of others but the Waitiki Holiday Park was the closest to the Cape. It was another 87km which would leave about 20km tomorrow. I decided to give it a go and was pleased to find that I made it with about an hour and a half of sunlight left.

I've decided to head off really early and see if I can watch the sunrise from the Cape. This far north there's hardly hardly anyone on the roads and I suspect even less just before sunrise.

Distance today: