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Anniversary of the Feb Quake.  Thinking of Joseph today.

Very long day.  Have a blister. :/  

The cafe I'm at is also closeing up so I'm posting this with the promise of an update when I get to Tekapo.

Updated: 2012-02-27

Today started out well. Briefly.

An early start provided some wonderful views of the sunrise. After the rain yesterday afternoon I wasn't confident of the morning being that great.

The tent was saturated though. The chill air and me forgetting to open the vents in the top meant the inside was soaked in condensation and the outside was covered in water from the rain from the night before. Most was shaken off, but without a decent hour in the wind it's not going to be pleasant to sleep in it.  Fortunately this wasn't going to be the case a we were aiming for the campground on the Twizel side of Lake Ruataniwha and the late arrival would likely mean a bunk in a dorm or splitting a twin share with Fred.

But, yeah, things started well briefly. A couple of kilometers around the lake I went down to fill the bottles. The rocks more slippery than they seemed. I ended up sitting on my arse in half a foot of water... My spare (sleeping) socks now just as wet as my day socks. We continued for another kilometer before I decided that I needed to change. Breakfast on the lake shore without a breath of wind or any sign or sound of civilization... and me getting changed in the bushes.

So yeah, not the best start, but not the worst day by far.

The weather started to look ominous about half way to the camp and started to properly rain on us when we were about 3/4 of the way there. This was also about the same point I was getting nervous about a warm rubbing sensation on the ball of my left foot. I could tell that I was going to start slowing down about now so told Fred that he should push on, get to the camp and get some shelter. I stopped, dried of the feet and trapped them up hoping it wasn't already to late. Not the case as it happened.

The time of my feet and prepping the phone to listen to a few podcasts while I walked appeared to have been enough of a rest to get me most of the way there.  I caught up with Fred about 2km from the camp and started taking pauses again about .5km from the camp.

All this was in the pouring rain and approaching 38km after about 11.5 hours on the trail. My feet were in pain, but the legs fine and we were in good spirits.

Suzann at the camp arranged an upgrade for us when the walk was mentioned so we're in a deluxe cabin at the minimum cabin rate. between the two of us it's pretty close to backpacker rates, but we have heating, cookware, plates, a fridge and microwave and the beds are made up for us.

Now to get everything dry and deal to the blister... It's in a good spot to try a Compeed™ plaster. Let's see how well they work.

Distance today: