Stew Point

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It did indeed rain last night.  The alarm went off early and it was still raining.  Quite lightly though.  Slept in and got up with the sun instead.

The next few days are likely to be uneventful.  The trail is all on gravel road and through farmland.  Although the road is a lot busier than I'd have expected.  Drinkable water is also a lot less frequent than I'd have expected.  I'll need to check at farm houses a little more often.

There was one nice delay.  I was slowed quite a bit when I caught up with Donald who was moving a flock of sheep down the road.  His dogs are very well trained.

I was also offered a lift late in the day by the local school bus driver.  I may see if I can get him to do a supply drop tomorrow on the afternoon run.  Provided I catch him in the morning of course.

Have made camp on the road side near a house marked Stew Point.  The building is empty and I didn't see any obvious external tap.  Didn't want to explore too far seeing as I was technically trespassing.

I have one niggling ache to report.  My left foot is in quite a bit of pain when I lift my foot back past about 90deg.  I can still walk and for the most part it doesn't hurt.  The pain itself is on the top of the foot and extends about 10cm up the shin.  This sounds disturbingly like what stopped Stuart. I'll continue to log it's progress or, hopefully, it regression.

Distance today: