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Beach walking isn't bad. It's not as fast as road walking though. With the blisters and the sand I decided against the shoes though. The sandals worked well. I was almost about to send them back to base as an unneeded item but today has changed my mind on that. The sand and the salt worked well. The existing blisters packed full of sand but that seems to of helped dry them out and, surprisingly, didn't hurt at all. Tomorrow will be interesting I think.

Just as I departed the beach at Riverton I ran into Ian and Carol who have offered me a bed for the night. It's a nice bed. :) It also turns out that Carols brother is the guy in charge of the Southland branch of the trail. We just spent about an hour talking routes. :) Also found out there's another guy on the trail about an hour ahead of me.

Feet are extremely sore. Hopefully a nights rest will do the trick.

Target tomorrow is Colac Bay.

Distance today: