Oreti Beach

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This first paragraph talks about blisters. If you're not interested, skip it. :)  You've been warned.  This morning I decided to run an experiment.  I'd received different advice on how to handle the blisters.  They weren't small or large.  Perhaps 5-8mm at the longest point. There were 2 new ones up near the ball of the foot near the 2nd & 3rd toes. The advice was too drain or not drain. The small one on the left heel had already been drained so I drained the new one on the left foot and left the one on the right.  I was using Band-aid "Advanced Healing" strips which apparently dry out the skin encouraging the formation of calluses. They don't stick terribly well to this area unfortunately. :/  The experiment was to see which worked best. Draining or not. I'm going to go with draining. After today's walk the feet weren't as sore as the first and it didn't feel like I was having issues with the blisters. However, despite feeling okay the one that wasn't drained has grown drasticly and now wraps, but doesn't extend onto, my third toe. It's large enough that I'm not sure I want to drain it now. But I'm not seeing any option. It's just going to get worse walking on it like this and skinning a toe is not a good thing. The blister is currently about 1.5cm long (across the toe) by 1cm wide (extending just a little onto the toe. :/)

Drop off this morning was around 10am. Trying to mirror what I expect camp takedown/pack up/departure time to be. Made reasonable time getting into town and hit the DOC office for the hut pass, grabbed some food and ate in the pedestrian area at the south end of Esk Street before back tracking to the trail taking the route to Oreti Beach. I ran into Matt Hamblett while taking a few photos of the wharf area near the Tweed Street bridge which was a surprise. He joined me for about 4km and showed me a nice diversion given the weather.  There is a scenic reserve in Otatara that is riddled with walking tracks.  Given the weather the shade was very welcomed.

If you're coming from Oreti Beach the access to the trail is the picnic area just before the 4 Square.  If you're heading towards Oreti Beach access is from the end of Awarua Road. If you're using Google Earth this will give you a layer to show the entrances and roughly where the trail runs.

After that it was a straight run to the beach where Katrina picked me up again.  In theory, this is my last night in Invercargill. Depending on the blister though... The offer of an few more nights has been extended but I find myself in something of a dilema. I want to get moving again, but at the same time I don't want to totally break myself in the process. :/


Distance today: 
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