Lake Pukaki

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It rained last night, so the tent is wet again.  The weather looked promising today and fortunately it turned out that way.

Today was almost entirely on the A2O cycle trail (Alps 2 Ocean).  Except for one deviation at the beginning (which I think headed towards the closed down Lake Pukaki Visitors Centre) and the end, the trails were shared.  Although there was no indication that the Te Araroa actually followed it on the trail itself.  At least I don't recall seeing the logo much today.

I got to the Lake Pukaki spillway around 1pm so headed towards the Visitors Centre for lunch.  As mentioned the centre itself was shut.  Despite this there were 2 tour buses there and about 3 more stopped while I was there.  I took an hour break, got the tent dried out and had lunch. 

The rest of the day was good track, great views of Mt Cook and good weather.  But little else to report.

I've made camp about 1km short of the power station .  There's a pine grove here that offers some shelter from the wind.  Not that there is much wind.

Checked the blister.  The compeed plaster appears to have done it's job well.  However, there is a new blister just forward of the previous one.  Its location isn't going to be condusive to the application of a compeed plaster though so I've threaded it, applied some antispetic cream and a plaster.  Will need to redress it in the morning I think.

While I managed to get about half way to Tekapo today I'm not sure how tomorrow will go with the fresh blister.

Fingers crossed.

Distance today: