David & Annette's in Gordonton

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Good early start. The weather was looking dodgy though. I thought the rain yesterday was reasonably light. Bits of today forcibly drove that opinion home. The run to Cambridge was similar to yesterday with respect to the frequency but about 3 to 4 times heavier. After leaving Cambridge though there wad no rain until I reached Gordonton.

The ride itself was nothing special. Changing the destination to Gordonton instead of Hamilton added about 10km to the day and probably cut as much of the trip as I was skirting the city instead of passing through it.

Just before I reached Gordonton I called David to make sure they were home and it turned out that Annette was at the vets to interview one of them. I got there and waited for her to finish and got to talking to the staff about what I was doing. When Annette and the very came out they were going to take a few photos outside. Annette looked right at me but didn't recognise me. :) One of the staff was about to say something but I put my finger to my lips in a conspiratorial "Shhh". After Annette was outside I showed the staff my drivers license and let them know that that was the person Annette would have recognized and the deal with the beard. When Annette came back in they said that I was there to see her. She stared for a moment but it wasn't until I asked if she recognized me yet that it clicked. :) The conversation from there was quite good. Mentioning the charities and Annette mentioning that I was Chair Entity of the NZ Skeptics resulted in lots of questions about the society and what it did. I got the impression that every one thought it was a good idea overall.

Settled in at their place. Lovely place, great company and good conversation. Was reminded that Iris, their daughter and fellow Skeptic, was now living in Taupo. Leela mentioned that at the conference I think. Just a little gutted that I missed her. She's got a job with the local paper down there.

Also discussed options and thoughts on the society, the New Zealand Skeptics in the Pub site, Dr Who, zombies, biking and Victorian/streampunk picnics.

Distance today: