Colac Beach

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Reached Colac Beach around 3pm.  Have a tent spot at the Colac Bay Tavern which has a camping ground attached.  Friendly staff and I was offered a free additional night when I mentioned the sponsored walk and the intention to stay at least 2 days.

The walk here wasn't bad.  Feet (sans blisters) were good this morning. Wore the sandals again for the airflow. The beach sections were a little difficult in these in some areas, but not enough to suggest to others that they shouldn't wear them if they prefer them.

The distance covered was comfortable.  Soreness of the feet/ankles wasn't too bad. Better than the last couple of days. The soreness reaches a point after an hour or so and maintains the level for the next 4 hours or so.  The last couple of days have been a little longer than that though and have seen me hobbling by the end of it with every step being quite painful. Today that middle level was reached a little later and wasn't as bad.  I think this is getting easier, although today was much shorter.  I think the shorter days will be the way to go for a while. Keep at it until a full day is comfortable then start lengthening the days.  After I depart here it's into the Longwoods. No campgrounds or potential friendly strangers to offer crash space. This should make it a bit easier to walk until I'm done as opposed to walk until I reach a target. Hopefully Brain will be walking with me thorugh the Longwoods too. :)

Ian and Carol are coming out here tonight with Lloyd (and possibly his partner (Jess?)) and should be here within a couple of hours. Ian offered to bring the larger pack out so today's walk was just with the daypack. Jumped at the offer again. :)  Also brought the tent so have that set up.  It's supposed to rain this afternoon/tonight and tomorrow. The facilities here are comfortable though so it shouldn't be a problem.

I foresee podcasts (congrats to @kyliesturgess for the recent win on Inkredulous :) ), recharging, washing and reading in my immediate future.

Distance today: