Bush Stream car park

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Short run today.  With the uncertain forecast I was glad I didn't take a weather day after all.

It rained for about half the trip out and had stopped completely by the end of it.  Max, Stewart and Flo had gone out for a walk up Crooked Spur first and Diane had headed out earlier also.  I caught up with Diane  after the second river crossing and, after looking at the GPS, had just decided not to change shoes for future crossings.  It was about time the socks had a wash anyway.  Between the many river crossings and the conversation I maintained Diane's pace for the rest of the day.  The others caught up with us around the 4km mark and the pace picked up a little.  After a bit though they steadily pulled out ahead.  Max and Stewart seemed to treat it like a race.

I saw the largest dragonfly I've ever seen with a body about  the length of my hand.  Unfortunately the timing sucked a little as the rain was just a bit heavy to risk taking the camera out. :/  So no photo of it unfortunately.

I've set up camp neat the car park.  I didn't see any signage prohibiting it and needed to stop early to give the shoes and socks the best chance to get dry before tomorrow.  The forecast is supposed to be fine so I'm aiming for an early start tomorrow with some decent walking before the sun comes up.

May have a change of plans.

The entire eastern end of the valley is clouded over and there is a small, very fast "river" of cloud flowing around the Ben McLeod Range towards Forest Creek.  It must be meeting another air current there as at that point it grows from this low, fluffy white ground hugging thing into an enormous dark heavy thing that is, so far, sticking to the southern side of the valley.  It appears to be letting loose quite heavily too.  Features under this cloud cover are quite indistinct now.

Distance today: