Boundry Stream carpark

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I really need to give up on the idea of getting away from a location with a bed/shower (that's not a combined bit of furniture) in a reasonable time.  Although I did manage it a little better today that the last place.

I was in the process of having mostly packed my kit (I think I have about 2-3 weeks worth of food at the moment) when I realised that the target for today, the carpark at the end of the road section, was only 15km away and I wasn't planning on going any further than that.  With the location being road accessable I asked Andrew if it'd be possible for a lift from/to the carpark.  He was fine with this so I packed a day pack and headed off.

So the walk there was easy.  Walking on metaled road for the majority of it.  Nice and flat.  Legs held up fine and the feet aren't too bad either.

The start of the walk went past the historic church by the river mouth.  On the lake shore in front of it (and the dog monument thing) there are several dozen rock towers all over the place of all shapes and sizes.  It's kinda cool to look at.

From here the trail follows a pathway out through a lightly forested area onto Lilybank Road.

For the most part the weather wasn't too bad although there were a few locations around Mt Hay station that were gusting hard enough to almost blow me off my feet.  That was the start of the really chilly wind and the rain too.  It lasted long enough to get me to put the warm top on and the rain shell.  Typically, within 10 minutes of doing that, and after walking around the road and away from that valley, I was warm enough that I stowed it all again.  Wind had stopped, rain had stopped and it was actually warm again.

As I neared my destination the look of the weather to the north of the lake was suggesting rain and lots of it.  It seemed to stay there for the most part though.  It did get a little cooler and there was light drizzel but nothing that had me wishing there was some shelter.  I called Andrew and he came out to get me.  He said that the local micro climate can be a little weird.  For the most part that sort of weather stays to the north end of the lake while the southern end can remain fine for the day.

Looking at the 7-day forecast it's looking like I'll have at least 1 possible weather day while I'm out.  Mind you, 4-9mm over a 6-hour period isn't heavy and given I'm going from hut to hut I'll likely push through it.

Aiming for an early start tomorrow.  Thanks to the effort this morning the pack is, for the most part, ready to go.

Distance today: