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I managed to get from Balclutha to Bluff in one day.  Thanks to Duncan & CJ, Blue, Scott & Simon and David for getting me to Invercargill.  And a big thank you to Jim Cheetham for the lift to Bluff. Jim dropped me out there and returned to Invercargill afterwards.

Bluff is small but has a really interesting history.  One of the first established european settlements and the first to last long enough to become a town. It's also one of the first ports (from memory) servicing a trade route with Australia.  The lighthouse on Dog Island is the tallest in the country at 37m and (again, from memory) one of the earliest in the country.  The military and rail history are great also.  I was quite surprised at just how much I was interested in this stuff.  Not usually my thing.

I had 2 days to fill in and got in a lot of walking and reading (personal and informational on the walks around and over Bluff Hill.)

Brent, the manager(owner?) at the Bluff Motor Camp, was great value. Easy to talk to and entertaining to listen to also. He gave a discount when he heard what I was doing and another when we realised that we have a friend in common in Christchurch. The facilities were clean and tidy and the water pressure in the showers can only be described as EXTREME (supercaps intended) :).

The walks in the area are really good too.  When I arrived the weather was... gusty. Jim took the obligatory photo by the signpost (Achievement Unlocked) and we explored the track for a bit.  The wind was really strong, but not cold. Given the direction it was coming from I was quite surprised by that. We went around to what appears to be a lighthouse.  Or at least a beacon of some sort. Not quite as far as Lookout Point, but not far off it. Over the next 2 days I think I walked all of the tracks around the hill.  According to the GPS I covered almost 50km exploring the area.  Lots of photos.  Most on the camera though.  Still need to automate the addition of photos to the site and get them to appear on these journal pages

New Years Eve is an early night.  Early start tomorrow. Jim is coming out to see me off around 7am.  Breakfast at Lookout Point then on to Invercargill.  At least that's the plan.  First solid day walking with no rides and all the gear. May be biting off more than I can chew. Will know soon enough. :)

addemdum: Bluff used the horn on the ship at Tiwai Point to "ring in" the New Year.  I don't think anything in Bluff with a central nervous system was asleep just after midnight.  Those things are loud!

Distance today: