ultralight hiking

Feeling the itch

It's been way too long since I had a decent hike and the current project at work has me fairly burnt out. I need to get away for a bit. 
I'm considering putting in a floating leave request for a week following the completion of the project which means I'll have the time for a walk, but I won't know when that will be.
But prep still needs to happen.  Since the last hike there's a number of things that I think will need replaceing. This is the start of that list (and a few items to come back to;

Keywords of the day

The keywords of the day have to be "Ultralight Hiking".

Thanks to Toek from te Araroa google group for the pointer on that. Lots of reading to do.

One thing I got from this was that I should be able to get my kit to the 9kg or less range including the pack, which means a new pack. Will hit Mountain Designs or Macpac after work and see what's available.