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Feeling the itch

It's been way too long since I had a decent hike and the current project at work has me fairly burnt out. I need to get away for a bit. 
I'm considering putting in a floating leave request for a week following the completion of the project which means I'll have the time for a walk, but I won't know when that will be.
But prep still needs to happen.  Since the last hike there's a number of things that I think will need replaceing. This is the start of that list (and a few items to come back to;

e-Book readers

As part of the process of getting rid of everything I own I realised I was still going to want books. The eBook readers on offer here were less than desirable and I'm a bit of a fanboi when it comes to Open Source systems so I hit TradeMe to see what was available that was running Android.