e-Book readers

As part of the process of getting rid of everything I own I realised I was still going to want books. The eBook readers on offer here were less than desirable and I'm a bit of a fanboi when it comes to Open Source systems so I hit TradeMe to see what was available that was running Android.

The story so far

My name is Gold. I'm a post-goth, skeptic, web developer from Christchurch, New Zealand. I want to travel. I'd been planning this for a while when a few things forced my hand so I've decided to fast track the process and start by becoming intentionally homeless.

I run the New Zealand Skeptics in the Pub which is where I met [REDACTED]. She is the inspiration for my wander lust and has become my travel muse. :)

I'm a self employed web developer who works on LAMP stacks and focuses of Drupal development. I have been freelancing for the last couple of years.