Six Hour Lunch

Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port 2001

Initial impression was just fantastic.  Saved the best for last.  Quite sweet, a little stringent at the end, light on the tannin. Very dark and quite dirty. May have benefited from decanting but was a great way to end the evening.

Grahams Late Bottled Vintage Port 2007

The verdict on this was that it was quite tasty.

"I would subscribe to that" -  

Grahams "Six Grapes" Reserve Port

"There's less to this than meets the eye." - @slothphil

Fonseca Porto Bin #27

The port spilling and glass breaking part of the evening has begun...

Croft 10 Year Aged Tawny Port

The big brother to the previous one.  Very nice colour.  A little harsh at the back of the throat, quite dry.  Not actually sure how to describe this one.  Phil describes it as a sherry starting to be on the dry side, rather than a port. The flavours are complicated... That's about as far as I can go with it I think. It's not unpleasant, but it's not good as I was anticipating.

Croft Fine Tawny Port

This is a step down after the previous couple.


The colour isn't bad, tawny bordering on ruby.  I think it's a little... fresh though.  Just a little harsh on the nose and has a bit of an edge on the tongue. I think this may be the Krohn Ruby Port of the Tawnys.

Six Hour Lunch - aka Drink ALL the port!


The Six Hour Lunch is something that we started back around 2008.  We first heard about it at a wine tasting evening at Vino Fino and we liked the idea so much that we have made it something of a tradition.

So, it's on again.  Amy and Dopp are hosting it here in Christchurch and we've got a great line up so far. :)

I'm actually starting this late so we'll get a couple in this post and I'll start posting as we reach them.  Traditionally these posts get less and less coherent through the day so bare with me. :)  Since the walk I've also become something of a light weight.