Doctors in Feilding

So I called around a number of doctors today to see if any were able to book me in to have my foot looked at.  There are 4 doctors in Feilding and only one was willing to allow me the chance of an appointment. Even that one required me to call on the day and early.  The rest wouldn't even give me that opportunity.
So, the plan now is to call first thing tomorrow morning and cross my fingers. I would hate to be stuck here with an acute condition that wasn't bad enough to warrant a 111 call.

Sponsorship, foothold, surgery and volcanoes

Yesterday was a busy and interesting day.

It started with a visit to an oral surgeon who, next Wednesday, will peel off my face, hack out a molar, drill a hole in my jaw, hack off the roots of another molar, plaster it up and put the face back.  Apart from peeling the face off bit, that's pretty much what is going to happen.  My gum will be peeled back to give access to the jaw though.  Going to have a whole new world of interesting drugs to play with after this one...