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RIP: Spare Cat One

One of the hardest decisions in becoming homeless was made for me last Friday. Spare Cat One lived with us, unlike Schrödinger who lives around here and occasionally graces us with his presence. The hardest decision was what would I do with Spare Cat One. I didn't want to leave her with the flatmates. I just wasn't that convinced that they would take care of her right. I know @Sethop wouldn't. But only because he's hardly ever here, not due to any inability.

The Cult Of Less

My Travel Muse just sent me a link.

Cult of less: Living out of a hard drive[] is talking about something I'm working towards and I kinda like the name @KellySutton has given it. The Cult of Less is more about living more and more with fewer and fewer physical possessions than about traveling. Although the two go together very well. Things like photos, books and CDs are easily available is digital formats these days and the physical items can wear out or get lost.

Auckland, Apps and Skeptics

Christchurch Airport is getting busy. In the hour I was waiting I ran into Paul and Michael. Paul had just got back from a holiday overseas (Peru or Venezuela I think). Michael was on the same flight as I was. He was lecturing on the Friday, but is here for the New Zealand Skeptics Conference 2010 also.

Auckland is overcast, windy a little drizzly, but warm.

Anyway, I got in yesterday morning and headed to Parnell where the Pre-Conference Meetup was happening at The Juice Bar to look for accommodation.

The cold, hard light of morning

Back in Wellington for the weekend. Really starting to love this place. This trip is going to be a little different I think. @teh_aimee has been my not quite constant companion and general all round good/bad influence for the last couple of trips here. This weekend though she's fairly well prebooked and working on #nerdnitewelly which is, unfortunately for me, happening on Monday. Unfortunate for me because I'm heading home on Sunday evening. :/

e-Book readers

As part of the process of getting rid of everything I own I realised I was still going to want books. The eBook readers on offer here were less than desirable and I'm a bit of a fanboi when it comes to Open Source systems so I hit TradeMe to see what was available that was running Android.

The Amazing Meeting :: Australia

Tickets for #TAMOZ went on sale on Sunday. The server crashed almost immediately apparently. By the time I heard they were available the server was back up and running fine so I've managed to secure my ticket.

Review: Drupal : The Card Game

The planned games of Drupal: The Card Game happened. @bevanr, @xzombie and I played about 8 games I think. We were playing at the same time so things got a little fuzzy towards the end.

Drupal: The Card Game

Yesterday @bevanr DMd me a link to a post on Node One where they were talking about sending out free decks of Drupal: The Card Game. The post offered to send out more free decks if you contacted them and asked. Given almost everything I do at the moment is built in Drupal, I'm a gamer and I'm looking for lightweight, small footprint games to travel with I thought I'd ask.

Planed trips

A few flights have been booked recently.

From Thursday, 12th to Monday, 16th of August I'll be in Auckland for the New Zealand Skeptics Conference 2010.

A few months later I'm heading to Sydney, Australia for TAM Australia (or #TAMOz for those on Twitter) which is the first TAM in the Southern Hemisphere. I'll be in Sydney from Thursday, 25th through Tuesday, 30th November.

Alternative media

I just saw @colinismyname tweet about his interview with @blogcastfm and thought I'd check it out. The most recent podcast on the site was with @patflynn who runs the Smart Passive Income blog. I'm really glad I took the time to listen to the podcast, it's not what I usually listen to. There were a number of things that caught my ear and will likely revisit.