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Off to Auckland

Wellington has put on a wonderful, almost cloudless day. I'm at the bus stop by the BP in Berhampore heading towards the Ace Rentals on Hutt Road. I've got a transfer car to pick up, a few things to drop off and then I'm on my way to Auckland.

There's a project that's needs to be completed in a fairly short time frame and I offered to make the move if needed. I was the one that suggested the devs on the project should be working side by side. Should of known... :)

Site Launched : I'm walking the length of New Zealand

The site for the walk is done. If you've somehow missed what I'm referring to(this is being cross-posted) I'm planning on walking the length of New Zealand in order to raise funds for Christchurch.

Too many 4am starts to get a few hours in before work each day has resulted in a mostly functional site that can take pledges. It's not finished, but it can at least go live and I can get on with the process of finding sponsors.

It's weird. I find myself walking somewhere at the moment and just want to keep going. The anticipation is building nicely. :)

The Great Pacific Beer Expo

Hashigo Zaki have put on a beer expo that looks to become a regular event. Looking at the lineup we've got beers from New Zealand, Australia and the US.  The purpose of this post is to locate potential sponsors for the walk.  The nature of the sponsor is the logo.  I'm a fan of the beer and would have no problem having any of those here being a sponsor to get me walking.  The particular spot I'm considering at the moment is the tattoo.  Incase this is the first you've heard of this one of the ideas for raising the funds was to sell some advertising space on my body.  My calf to be exact.  I tend to get tattoos for things that have had a major impact on my life. I consider doing Te Araroa to be one of these things and have no problem allowing the appropriate logo from an appropriate brewer to possibly be added to the Te Araroa logo I'm getting.


I decided a while back that this walk would be a sponsored event. I'm not looking for donations, although I am considering selling a chunk of my leg for a least a few years in order to be able to fund the event.

Primarily I'm hoping to raise funds for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. The way I'm hoping to have this work out is that I'll get a few large sponsors on board and that they would match the efforts of individual sponsors instead of sponsoring me directly.

The individual sponsors would be able have their funds go towards one of 3 causes;

Keywords of the day

The keywords of the day have to be "Ultralight Hiking".

Thanks to Toek from te Araroa google group for the pointer on that. Lots of reading to do.

One thing I got from this was that I should be able to get my kit to the 9kg or less range including the pack, which means a new pack. Will hit Mountain Designs or Macpac after work and see what's available.

Decision Made

It's been a while since I did anything with this blog. After the quake in February I ended up in Wellington and settled in with a job for a 6 month contract with Sparks Interactive. I figured getting some financial stuff sorted out would be a good thing. That's taken slightly longer than anticipated but it's happening steadily.

I've made a travel decision though. At this point the plan is to do te Araroa.

Heading North for a bit

I'm hitting the road on Friday.

The short version:
Christchurch -> Picton -> Wellington -> Palmerston North -> Christchurch. I'm looking for transport and couches. I can offer a lift up the east coast (Christchurch -> Picton) should anyone be heading in that direction. txt me asap on 021 248-4653.

The longer version:

It's official, I'm homeless

For the longest day of the year it was certainly active.

Cleaning up, repacking, loading up, burning down, rehoming, longest day, lunar eclipse and UFOs...

last few items

It's finally beginning to seem real. The flat is almost empty and there's only a few items to go. The images are quite large so I'm attaching them to this post so that I don't trash the mail lists i'm posting them too.

Handed in notice at McLeod Street

It's done.

This morning I handed in notice at the flat at McLeod Street. I'm already too busy to do this but I figure I'm always going to be too busy with something so fuck it, it's done. This will just become one of the things that I'm busy doing.

There will be a 6 hour lunch before we go.

I'm also considering selling everything I own as a Student Flat Starter Kit.