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Repairs, Resupply, Rethinking

Managed to stitch up the pack today okay. At least I think it's okay. The next few days will be telling.

Weather days in Plimmerton

The weather yesterday was not walking weather in any way, shape or form.  The forecast for today wasn't looking much better but it's actually turned out better than expected so far.

Sponsorship, foothold, surgery and volcanoes

Yesterday was a busy and interesting day.

It started with a visit to an oral surgeon who, next Wednesday, will peel off my face, hack out a molar, drill a hole in my jaw, hack off the roots of another molar, plaster it up and put the face back.  Apart from peeling the face off bit, that's pretty much what is going to happen.  My gum will be peeled back to give access to the jaw though.  Going to have a whole new world of interesting drugs to play with after this one...

Banks and Brews

The bank called.  They're about to hand my account to Baycorp. It's great having friends and family willing to help out.  Money has moved, account tickers are reset.  Things will be fine until I get to Wellington and source a job.

Ran into Etienne and Jaeyoun at the Wobbly Kea this evening too.  They were with a friend from Christchurch who's name now eludes me.  Conversation was good though and beer was purchased.  It was a good night despite the rugby being played as loud as it was.

Physio went well

The physio I saw said that it was a good thing that I came out when I did.  The suspected diagnosis was spot on and I was fortunate enough to have caught it very early.  The cause was also tracked down to the calf muscle on my left leg being slightly shorter than the right.  The prescription for this is a regular stretch 3+ times a day for a minimum 30 seconds at a time.  He also said that he didn't see any reason that I couldn't head back out on the trail.

Heading back out, a note for potential Supporters and thoughts on Tekapo

Heading back out tomorrow.

My attempt to find some work pretty much fell flat on it's face.  The few offers I did get would not realistically have been completed within my time limit and I think the explanation was taken well.

Financial top up

So, here's the situation;

I always knew I was going to financially shaft myself a bit doing this project but it was something that I just had to do and too many things came together at the right time to allow me to start it.  While I have a decent number of people chipping in to keep me going I'm wanting to reserve that money specifically for the walking.  When I started out I thought I had enough in the account to allow for various payments that were outgoing but I'm thinking I misjudged that a bit and it's also taken a bit longer than I'd previously expected.  The other thing is that if I draw down money from Paypal now it'll just get soaked up by the small hole in the bottom of the over draft.

The original plan was to just extend the overdraft to cover things but given I'm now technically unemployeed The National Bank won't come to the party on this despite knowing the nature of what I'm doing and my entire employment/income history since I got back from Australia in 2k5.  Once this is done I'll be looking for a new bank.

So, here's the new plan.

Another shaky send off from Christchurch

This was the first time I was in a decent sized structure when a significant quake hit. I was in the Mad Butchers at the Shirley Shopping Centre at the intersection of Hills and Shirley Roads.  I took shelter in main door to the rear of the building.  I was about as far from the entrance as you could get when it hit.  Once things had calmed down a bit one of the staff out the back came storming out swearing about how he was so sick of the quakes and started picking stuff up off the floor.  I was quite surprised. I reached the shelter of the door and just waited it out.  Most of the other customers and staff calmly left as well apart from a few that were at the tills asking the staff what they should do with their stuff that was yet to be paid for.

South Island detours

Would you like influence over the path I take on this walk? I'm considering making this somewhat interactive. There's a few detours and I'm going to let others make the decision when there's the possibility of alternate routes.

Looking at the latest KMZ file (v.29) the Rangitata and the Rakaia have a reasonably large detours around hazard zones.

These will turn a 92km walk into a 268km detour. An option I'm considering is instead of returning to the Rangitata Crossing I hit Mt Somers -> Methven(maybe) -> Rakaia Gorge Bridge then back up to the Lake Coleridge Lodge. This route will be 157km walk. A lot less than the detour, but still much further than the actual trail.

The very late push for sponsorship

I've all but given up on the idea of Major Sponsors to match the pledges. For anyone considering something that requires potentially large amounts of sponsorship funds get in really early. Like months. Allow at least 6 months lead on the applications. Gotta love the bureaucracy.

So, I'm trying a couple of different approachs. I'm going for large amounts of small sponsors and an auction for the top place. This money will go towards equipment, supplies and any costs along the way.