Moving on

The issue with the foot seems to have settled down a lot over night.  For the first time in ages it was what I would consider to be a normal colour and most of the swelling has gone.  I'm fairly confident that I'll be moving on tomorrow.

I've picked up a bike. Got a rack, paniers, etc and appear to be able to fit everything on it reasonably well.

The new route will take me past Napier, Gisbourne, Rotorua and back up through Auckland etc to the Cape. 

e-Mail has been sent out to all those that have already pledged asking how they'd like to proceed with the sponsorship. They were sponsoring a walk after all. The options are to draw the line here (1646km walked so far), continue at 50% of their pledged rate or to just keep on going.

Hmm... I really should find the time to update the pledge page to make it apparent that I'm riding instead of walking now.